The Investor Sales Funnel

With almost 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, I’ve been trained on the ‘Sales Funnel’ countless times. It’s a decades-old, tried and true sales approach that just won’t go away…because it works.

And even in the world of marketing stock, an intangible product, it still applies. In my experience, the best sales processes always mirror the buying process. Delivering specific content to people at the right time during that buying process is what can rapidly build conviction that leads to an investor taking an initial position in your stock.

I did not invent the chart above. It’s been re-created thousands of times, and it’s been re-created because its remarkably consistent.

First, you have to build awareness. People don’t buy a product they’ve never heard of, and the same goes for a stock they’ve never heard of. Then you have to give them an opportunity to express interest, the best example being signing up to your email list. Then you need to rapidly and frequently try to build conviction as the potential investor considers whether to buy stock or not. This is why you need to communicate often between news releases. This is why maintaining social media feeds is important. This is why after visiting the Banana Republic site, they follow you around the internet for several days after, showing you pop-up ads in the corner of the websites you’re browsing.

Underpinning all of this is execution on the corporate front. None of this works for long if you are not advancing your Company and creating value. But if you are, and you are consistently and frequently communicating with your audience and shareholder base, you will see that shareholder base grow.

Shareholder advocacy, the Holy Grail of any investor marketing program, can only be achieved if you continue to communicate to your shareholder base. Advocates will post about you on social media, forward your emails to others, and support your company public channels like investor forums. If you can identify an advocate, treat them like gold! Invite them on a site tour, grant them a call with management, or reach out directly and thank them for their support.

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