Case Study: Why Crystal Clear Positioning is the Foundation of Investor Marketing 2.0

Before we get into the 5 pillars of Investor Marketing 2.0, we need to address the foundation that’s going to support them all – crystal clear positioning.

Why is the positioning of your company so important?

Because these days it’s not just brokers and fund managers that you’re marketing your stock to – it’s the average retail investor. And the average retail investor isn’t necessarily going to understand long-winded industry jargon or financial metrics, so you’d better make sure your pitch is clear, compelling, and follows the steadfast marketing rule of: K.I.S.S., or “Keep it Simple, Stupid”.

In other words, don’t overcomplicate your message. Effective positioning boils down to two things first and foremost – how big the potential market opportunity is (your hook), and why your company is poised to succeed within this massive opportunity. Does the average joe schmo understand what the carbon capture industry is, or how valuable an asset copper is going to be within 5 years’ time? Probably not – so you’re going to have to spell it out for them – in plain English (something CEOs are often not great at, by the way – often because they know too much and can get stuck in the granular details). 

Let’s take a look at a recent example of a Company that hired us to help them with a re-brand. Below we dissect the ‘About Us’ blurb from the bottom of the news release. A piece of copywriting that is often overlooked, but which is a key component of any Company’s communications package.

Pre Rebrand:

Pinecrest Resources Ltd. is a British Columbia corporation that is based in Vancouver, B.C. 

It is not all that relevant where the Company is incorporated or based.

The Company engages principally in the acquisition, advancement and development of precious mineral properties.

Advancement and development are the same thing. ‘Precious mineral properties’ This is an unhelpful, non-specific statement.

The Company is presently advancing and developing its 100% owned Enchi gold project located in South West Ghana. Major shareholders of the Company include Red Back Mining Ghana Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kinross Gold Corporation) and management.

No details given on what Enchi is or why anyone should care.

Post Rebrand:

Newcore Gold is advancing its Enchi Gold project located in Ghana, Africa’s largest gold producer.

First line names the project, metal and highlights the jurisdiction.

The Project currently hosts an Inferred Mineral Resource of 1.4 million ounces of gold at 0.62 g/t. 

Project details, ounces in the ground, would argue the grade may benefit from more context as 0.62g/t in isolation is not impressive.

Newcore Gold offers investors a unique combination of top-tier leadership, who are aligned with shareholders through their 32% equity ownership, and prime district scale exploration opportunities. 

Important statement about why someone should want to own the stock.

Enchi’s 216 km2 land package covers 40 kilometres of Ghana’s prolific Bibiani Shear Zone, a gold belt which hosts several 5 million-ounce gold deposits, including Kinross’ Chirano mine 50 kilometers to the north.

Great credentials about the project location.

Newcore’s vision is to build a responsive, creative and powerful gold enterprise that maximizes returns for shareholders.

Solid vision statement, although would argue it should go first and be worked into the opening sentence.

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